1. It's been...a while Unstructured lockdown thoughts and experiences in the Netherlands
  2. Creamy avocado noodles with soy sauce A green twist to soba noodles with garlic and ginger
  3. A pandemic birthday request If you'd like, give to these people and organisations
  4. Three dehydrated salt-cured egg yolks A tried-and-tested method on salt curing three egg yolks
  5. A tray of meringue puffs Turning leftover egg whites into little puffs of sugar spun meringues
  6. How I'm hosting Hugo on GitHub Pages Hosting a free static-site generator on a free server
  7. A loaf of banana bread This kitchen's winning lockdown recipe
  8. Two and a half weeks of social distancing Thoughts on lockdown & East-West differences
  9. Favourite books from the past decade (2010s)
  10. Month-by-month listing of events of interest Things that happen in Amsterdam with some annual regularity
  11. What to look for in a prospective manager All managers are not made equal
  12. Red wine spaghetti with guanciale A simple recipe for people long in time for a heavy, rich meal
  13. Interviewing, as the interviewer, in the tech industry Are you an engineer who's been forced into an interviewing role? This one's for you!
  14. Using Git to deploy to your website Too many platforms and services? Go old-school with Git and SSH
  15. Remotely connecting to your Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+
  16. Tips and tricks for enjoying city culture
  17. 48 hours in Florence, Italy
  18. Good things to know when you've just moved A checklist for new folk to the city
  19. 36 hours in Lyon, France
  20. 48 hours in Bordeaux, France
  21. The hotpot checklist An easy-to-refer-to list for homemade hotpot
  22. A guide to finding a room on a budget
  23. Kindle for PDF readings
  24. Favourite books (2013)
  25. On making macarons The first time I have personally experienced baking-as-science
  26. Bikes and canals, a love for Amsterdam
  27. Mary (1928-2012)