Hello there!

Instead of keeping a private journal, I thought it would be interesting — a little throwback, if you will — to publish random thoughts and such online for friends and, following the nature of the Internet, strangers.

It is a digital garden; of what Christopher Biscardi calls “lowercase b blogging…It’s writing in small, unfinished pieces…”. (I also really like Joel Hooks' more longer explanation.)

I’m a third culture kid which means I was raised in a different culture (British) to that of my parents (Hong Kong). I also added to my identity crisis by, first, having a lot of North American friends and consuming their politics and media in my early teenage years; and, second, by moving away as soon as I could to start my career in continental Europe.

I read History — which should go some way in explaining why I like to write things down — with a focus on humanitarianism and have been working in the Netherlands since 2015 in the spaces of community, sustainability, and sports. At present, I am a software engineer in Amsterdam.


Peter Lindbergh once took my photograph.

I have a boat named after me (kind of).

I’m a (not-so-great) classically-trained pianist.

I really wanted to be a marine archaeologist when I was a kid.

I can do a decent Milanese impression. But only the bad words.