I have neither the knowledge nor the bandwidth to discuss how the pandemic is impacting the local Amsterdam economy. All I know is that the places below have (re)designed themselves in line with government guidance, in order to keep providing and selling their wares. These are places that I have patroned before, have done during this crisis, or hope to do so in the near future.

If there is a place that I really want to shop, eat, or drink from — I try to find them directly on the website/social media pages and even sometimes call to see if I can pick something up directly from them, or purchase a voucher (#helpdehoreca).

For more places – Support Your Locals does a great job at collating good deals.


Parcls Buurtshop has an online webshop delivering mainly to those in De Pijp (if you live further out, contact them to arrange delivery). Instead of getting your cheese, pasta, chocolate, vegetables, cleaning supplies et cetera from Albert Heijn, Parcls specifically picks up from shops located in the neighbourhood.

Super Market focusses on being a conduit between you and sustainable, organic local businesses that have been severely impacted by the pandemic – think food truck festivals and small pop-up shops. Here, you can buy Spanish sausage and kombucha for really low prices; as well as healthy meal subscription plans.

Places like Farmed Today (iDEAL and credit cards) and Bio Winkel 4 You (iDEAL) sell produce from Dutch farmers including subscription fruit & vegetable boxes.

As always, I recommend Too Good To Go to help reduce food waste. They offer “magic boxes” containing excess food from supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, bakeries et cetera…


For flowers:

Bolt Amsterdam

Tulpen voor Toppers

For at-home drinking and cooking:

Two Chefs Brewing

Mister Kombucha

The Dutch Weedburger

The Seafood Bar

Lindenhoff - Food boxes (butchery, barbeque, vegetable & fruits, cheese) that used to go chefs and restaurants, now directly to the consumer.

The Karma Box - Plant-based products box.

Favourite take-out options

Pizza Pizza Pizza


Vatten Ramen

Himalayan Kitchen

(What are your non-delivery app favourites?)