Below is my method of saving adapted recipes for quick and easy access. I have tried to cut extraneous information and imagery in lieu of clean viewing (mostly on my mobile phone) and faster loading. Also, on this website, I am trying to avoid doing my part in food porn.

I grew up in a food-focussed family and community, which means that measurements are not really a thing but I have tried my best to add some and not just my mother’s favourite, “However much you think is good!”

In addition, at the time of writing, we have an interesting oven that likes to surprise us with temperatures so when an oven is involved, please note that those times are estimates.

  1. Three dehydrated salt-cured egg yolks
  2. A tray of meringue puffs
  3. A loaf of banana bread
  4. Red wine spaghetti with guanciale
  5. The hotpot checklist